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Who are you?

I'm batman.

No, really... who are you?

I'm, uh, batman... Ok fine, I'm Dave... a Baltimore-based photographer mostly known for my colorful landscape photography in and around Baltimore, Maryland, which you can find in my gallery and on Instagram. More recently I've started taking on projects involving portraiture, product photography, events, etc.

How did you become a photographer?

I got my start with photography while hiking. I’m an experienced backpacker who has covered ground in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, California, Washington, and Alaska, as well as the mid-Atlantic states and New England. When I was concentrating on hiking (not photography) I was not packing fancy equipment... but you don't need that to learn about composition. In fact, a lot of what I learned about photography started long before I ever picked up a camera with an interchangeable lens. I was that guy who crawled around on the ground with a point-and-shoot and still got decent results.

Are you available for hire?

Yes! I now offer a range of services; click here for more information. 

Do you license your pictures?

Sometimes! It depends on a number of factors. Please use the contact form for licensing inquiries.

A few things to consider before sending a request:

1) In what format are you looking to use the image? (digital, print)

2) For what purpose do you intend to use it? (advertising / promotional material, decorative / display, etc)

3) How long do you plan on using it? (1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 3-5 years)

Click on the envelope icon below for the contact form. Thanks!

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