Which photos are available for purchase?

Everything currently for sale can be found here.

Available sizes & special order

Some sizes need to be special ordered; please contact me to request 40x60 and above. Prints are only available in the sizes listed under each photo in the store. During the order process you may see additional sizing options; this is simply the master price list and should be ignored. If the photo gets cropped during  checkout, you've ordered an invalid size. I'll contact you to help place the correct order.

I see a photo I like in the Gallery (or on Instagram) but it isn't in the Store. Can I buy it?

Likely but not guaranteed. I'm always shooting & showcasing new work, but I'm extremely selective about print quality. All of my prints go through extra steps to ensure this level of quality. If an image isn't in the store, it hasn't gone through this process yet.  Usually it just means that there will be a lead time while I prepare the image. Please don't hesitate to reach out for these types of requests.

Available Formats

I currently sell my pictures in 2 formats: paper and metal. Paper prints are exactly what they sound like: they're printed on traditional (high quality) photo paper. Metal is exactly what it sounds like: pictures are printed on a robust sheet of aluminum.

Which format do you recommend?

Paper prints looks great when framed and offer a more classic appearance. Metal is frameless and "floating" which provides a sleek, modern look. Metal also renders color with more vibrancy than paper prints. My images look great on both, though I tend to sell more metal prints at art shows.

Additional options

Once you proceed to checkout you can customize your order via the “Add Frames & More” button.

1) Cropping - For most pictures I prefer a 3:2 aspect ratio, which translates to sizes like 8x12, 16x24, 20x30, etc. Occasionally I offer my photos in a 4:3 format (8x10, 16x20) as well. When you check out you will have the option to crop the photo; however, please note that your crop will be overwritten once you place the order and the print will be delivered as it was originally intended.

2): Framing/Mounting: There are multiple options available for mounting prints. Please note that I do not control the pricing for these options. They are handled exclusively by the lab and I do not make anything from it.

3) Finishes: Textures (Canvas, Linen, Pebble), Protective Coating, Satin Laminate. I would recommend against a textured finish for most of my prints as it will likely affect the sharpness of the final product. The Protective Coating does not alter the image in any noticeable way and is recommended if the photo is not going to be kept in a sleeve or behind glass.

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