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I'm currently offering one-on-one lessons!

Keep reading if you:

-have a camera but only use auto-everything and want to learn manual modes

-have been shooting for a while but want a better understanding of core principles like  exposure, depth-of-field, and how to use different focal lengths

-know how to shoot in everyday situations but want to learn more about landscape & fine art photography

-have questions in general!

Each session focuses on a specific subject and is more comparable to recurring music lessons than lengthy, all-day classes that cover everything at once. Those courses can be overwhelming; you're lucky if you remember 30% of what was taught. Just like learning a musical instrument, you're not going to become a professional after one class, regardless how long or detailed it is.

My goal is to create individual lesson plans that focus on maximum retention. These lessons are more casual & conversational than rigid photo walks with large groups of people.

Common subjects include:

1. Exposure Basics and White Balance

2. Composition, Focal Length, and Depth-Of-Field

3. Additional Camera Settings   (metering modes, focusing modes, image stabilization, etc)

4. How To Approach Landscape & Cityscape Photography

5. Shooting At Night

Are you comfortable with your camera but struggle with editing? I offer courses on post-production as well!

Post Production Lessons:

1. Lightroom 101 - Develop Module Basics

2. Lightroom 102 - Creative Editing

3. Photoshop 101 - Overview / Basic Usage for Photography

4. Sharpness - Getting the most out of your images (Lightroom & Photoshop)

Workshops are currently $40 per session and usually last about 1.5 hours. If you book photography and post-production lessons back-to-back (same day, one-hour each) I offer a 15% discount on the editing workshop. If you return for future lessons, it's 15% off after the first 3 (same day, back-to-back sessions don't count towards this).

Travel outside of the downtown Baltimore area may incur an additional cost.

Lesson FAQ:

What do I need for a lesson?

-A camera with manual controls (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focusing, etc). A DSLR or mirrorless camera is recommended but not required; even an advanced point-and-shoot like the Sony RX100 will work. A tripod is recommended for some lessons (like night photography) but also not required. I can provide one if necessary.

Your lessons are one-on-one but I have a friend who would like to come too. Is that possible?

-Yes! I offer small group lessons when the participants know each other and want to learn with their friends. Prices are per-person.

I'm familiar with some of the concepts in your course descriptions but I'm not sure which lesson to choose. How do I decide?

-The courses above are general outlines which are intended to get you started. There will be some overlap if you're already familiar with a few of these concepts. If we find that you already have a solid understanding of certain topics, we can move on to other things. My goal is to make the best use of the time you book, not to step through a predetermined syllabus. That being said, do not book a more advanced course and expect to catch up on the basics during that time. There's a reason exposure comes first and composition, DOF, etc come later.

Questions or inquiries? Just click the envelope icon at the bottom of the page to contact me!

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