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I offer a variety of professional services, from portraits & headshots to commercial / advertising / social media promotion

Why you should shoot your portrait with me:

Having your picture taken can be an incredibly personal experience and there's much more to it than waving a professional-looking camera in someone's general direction. Anyone can buy a camera; not everyone can operate professional lighting equipment, offer guidance on posing, and provide high end retouching & advanced color grading on your images.

Headshots don't have to be dull, generic, and gray. Studio portraits don't have to look like they were shot in a Santa booth. And environmental portraits don't have to all be taken in the same generic park with the same generic park background. Do you want     to remember your pictures as something you hide in an album under the coffee table? Or do you want them to look like they could be in a magazine. Whether it's in the studio or on location, I can make you look cool.

Why you should hire me for your business:

The rise of social media, coupled with the accessibility of digital cameras, has blurred the lines between professional and amateur content. In an attempt to keep up with each other on social media, many businesses are finding themselves in a race to the bottom, where content is free, but low in quality and indistinguishable from everyone else. This strategy has crept into areas where the content should always remain professional, i.e. websites, portfolios, advertisements, etc. Cell phone pics taken under bad lighting shouldn't be what people see when they seek out your brand. Good images should be seen as an investment IN your business, not a cost OF doing business. I can help.

Who have you worked with?

My client list is currently small but includes some notable companies/institutions. I was commissioned for the cover of Notre Dame of Maryland University's biannual magazine, Universitas, found here. I've also done several shoots for the Sagamore Pendry hotel in Fells Point, and I'm in the process of working with local musicians, actors, and models, as well as on several licensing deals.

Need more to read? Check out my not-so-frequently-asked questions here.

Creative Portraits

Studio - $210 (1-2hr / 2 images)

Environmental Portraits - $255-$500* 

*Rate is determined by number of images, location, production level, and usage. Includes in-person planning session ahead of the shoot.


Studio - $155 (30min-1hr / 1 image)

On location - $185 (30min-1hr / 1 image)

Corporate - $225 (singe image per person + usage)*

*Group discounts available


My goal is to create high quality, customized images for your business. Hourly rates make less sense these days as production levels can vary widely. Time is not an accurate measure of quality; quality is an accurate measure of quality.

As such, I offer per-image rates with flexible licensing options. That way you'll know, up front, exactly what your budget looks like.

Day rates may apply for larger projects. Line items for travel, equipment rental, additional personnel, etc., may apply.

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