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Express yourself, creatively

Whether you're a professional or you've been hitting the gym and simply want to show off the results, it's important not to sell yourself short when it comes to what you can do in front of the camera. You just need the right person behind it.

Headshots don't have to be dull and generic. Studio portraits don't have to look like passport photos. And environmental portraits don't have to all be shot in a park with the same generic park background.

Whether it's in the studio or on location, I can make you look cool.

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Promote your business

The rise of social media, coupled with the accessibility of digital cameras, has blurred the lines between professional and amateur content. In an attempt to keep up with each other on social media, many businesses are finding themselves in a race to the bottom, where content is free, but low in quality and indistinguishable from everyone else. This strategy has crept into areas where the content should always remain professional, i.e. websites, portfolios, advertisements, etc. Cell phone pics taken under bad lighting shouldn't be what people see when they seek out your brand. Good images should be seen as an investment IN your business, not a cost OF doing business. I can help.

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